Saturday, March 22, 2008

Working in Sections

This week we started making bigger pots out of sections.
Here we have a ten pound piece of clay turned into a base for a larger form

Next, I throw the top piece. I think this was six pounds of clay. I left enough clay at the rim to make a grove to fit over the rim of the base.

Here the two pieces have been joined and the seam is smoothed over.

Here it is finished the next morning once the cap was done


Hott Mama said...

That's an amazing pot. Is it huge, or does it just seem that way?

Gamera said...

Lovely work. This pot makes me think of Indiana Jones and spider monkeys.

q said...

that could fit a shit load of ginger!

Mothra said...

yeah, it's pretty big. Up until the day after I made that one it was the biggest pot I'd ever made. It's not totally huge, it only stands 14 or so inches in hight and will shrink about ten percent in the firing, but Q's right, "...a shit load of ginger!"