Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Road Trip

I left snowy Vermont directly after voting in the primary and waving to Allison, Sebastian and Dorian who were just getting to the polls.

By the time I hit New Jersey, I was already entering Spring with Canadian geese flying north and grass sprouting up from the groung. I stayed in North Philly with my friends, Marco and Anna; staying up late drinking wine listening to mid-seventies Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac's Tusk album.

The next day brought me to south Philly to visit another friend, Josh. We had a great visit and some tasty burritos.

Then I drove to D.C. and got royally (or maybe I should say 'presidentially') lost among the retarded city planning in DC and Arlington, VA. I stayed with Davis and Lauren, who graciously put me up, fed me fantastic Vietnamese food, drank me under the table and humored me with some Rock Band.

I drove to Greensboro, NC the following day with a stop in Durham to visit our friends and their new baby boy, Ayers. Sarah and I spent some time in a local park with Ayers who was in a grat mood and we totally bonded. They are so lucky to have such a cute baby. I just tried not to break him. I think I succeeded.

Greensboro is a great place to return to after having been gone for almost four years. Andrew and I had a great time catching up, drinking (you may notice a pattern here) beers and some of his home-brewed mead (smacks of viking). After and nice long sleep I hit the road going west for Penland.

I love having the opportunity to reconnect with friends while driving somewhere. Thanks to all for your couches and hospitality. Another added bonus was the chance to spread the good word of Quinn and mine engagement, people seem to be excited for us, which feels pretty awesome.


Gamera said...

I missed drinking with you this past Sunday night but Sebastian stepped up to the plate and finished off 2 PBRs, a Foster's tall boy and half a bottle of Pucker.

Hott Mama said...

I was confused at first as to why your friend was showing off his hairy, nipple-less man boob. Then I saw the sling and realized it was a baby head.

princess cortney said...

i love that sebastian also drinks the pucker, but only in our absence. man it sucks to be gone, huh.