Sunday, March 2, 2008

getting ready

Ok, I'm going to Penland. It's two days before I leave so it's time to pack. Here's a picture of just some of my stuff I'll be squeezing into the car.

I will be leaving snowy, snowy Vermont for rainy, rainy, North Carolina.

I will also be leaving my fiancee, Quinn for two months to fend for herself in the frozen north. Sorry about that babe.
Right now and probably until I'm settled in at Penland, I'm kinda nervous about the whole thing. I don't know anybody there, I don't know what my work job is, I don't know where I'm going to sleep. But all that will be answered probably in the first couple hours after I get there. So there's nothing really to be nervous about.

I'm excited for the road trip south. I'll be visiting friends and family and rest stops all down the I95 corridor.


q said...

my ring looks awesome, but my hand looks funny...

Hott Mama said...

I'm glad we saw you for two seconds the day you left. Sebastian, on the other hand, spent the next several minutes while I was trying to vote wailing, "Why is he doing this to me?!"
We miss you already!

princess cortney said...

i sure am glad you guys got engaged. i couldn't be happier. and i also love that you now have a blog. and the whole thing is being celebrated.