Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I made it! After only four hours of driving through the rain I made up to the campus. I did get seriously lost for a little bit in a town called Little Switzerland where I almost hit a turky buzzard that had no intention of getting out of the road. Everything was really foggy and it is super rural here and it was a lot like a creepy movie, like Scarecrow or Cabin Fever.

Anyway I drove up a mountain and found the school which seemed a little deserted, but only the work-study students were arriving then.

I settled in to my bunk room, which resembles an orphanage or a civil war hospital room: it's big in and old attic and has about fourteen beds. I met two of my roomies, who seem pretty great and like we're gonna have some fun. After some beers and whiskey is was time for bed.

And this is what I saw looking out my window the next morning!


q said...

it looks very beautiful outside your window

Gamera said...

It also looks very beautiful inside your soul.

Carol said...

It is beautiful and almost satisfies the old maternal impulse to see every place my children settle even for just a short sojourn. This is great Rob.