Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quechee Vermont this Weekend

I have a show this coming weekend, August 1 und 2 in Quechee Vermont. Here's a link to it: They've got one of my plates as an image on their website. Unfortunately, it's not a plate I've made in a long time and won't have any of those at the show. Doh!
Let's see before I pack up the van I need to price and pack pots, unload a kiln and pack them up, finish my booth shelving, figure out lighting for my booth, get bags for customers, get a sign made, and eat, don't forget to eat. Ok, I'm on a mission.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

all grown up

On July 11th, I married Quinn Maguire. I was the best day of my life. All of my favorite people (excepting those who couldn't make it) were there and even though I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with each of them it was just amazing to see them all there.

Now that all the craziness of getting ready for the wedding is over and we've had our couple days on Cape Cod to chillax, it's back to work but this time with a ring on my finger.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Recent stuffs

Lately I've been dipping my toe, well the whole foot really, in some porcelain work. It all started when Marco and Anna asked to register for the wedding with me, but just wanted simple white pieces. So here are some of the fruits.

Below are some teapots that need decoration. I'm thinking a little bit more than just the lines at the rim; we'll see what happens. This is the first time I've made quote-un-quote blue and white wares. I feel like I've always thought of it as selling out in a way or felt like I was supposed to think that, but it doesn't feel like selling out. I'm really enjoying adding the lines to the simple shapes. I just lay down some wax on the leather hard pieces, scratch through with a needle tool, paint on a slip/stain and wipe away the excess. I use a banding wheel which slows down and accentuates hesitations and slight movements while scratching through the wax. I really like the quality of that line, the way it wavers and seems a bit more alive.
I'd love to hear any feedback you might have be it about form, pointers on handle placement or on working with porcelain.