Thursday, June 11, 2009

BoSox 6, Yankees 5

Wow, it's been long while since I've posted here last. A couple reasons are at work. Quinn and I've been focused on getting things ready for our approaching nuptials. Ever wonder what a wedding blog looked like? Well check it out here. I've also been doing some work for these fine folks and not too much pottery-related is happening. Yesterday was a good break from both the farm and wedding planning. A good high school friend of mine who happens to be getting married on Saturday scored Fenway bleacher tickets for a BoSox vs Yankees throw down.
I haven't been to Fenway in a long time, certainly not since they've become a very popular and successful franchise. I had totally forgotten how wicked ahsome that park is. We got there early enough for batting practice and found a wonderfully emasculating pink Red Sox visor for the lucky bachelor.
The game itself was fantastic. We took an early lead with some base hits in the first off of Yankee pitcher Wang, who's current ERA is somewhere in the 14.5 zone (oops). The Yankees however found a lot of Wakefield's knuckleballs to send into the outfield or beyond (three homers by Damon, Pasada, and Teixeira). But the Red Sox held onto the lead and brought in Papelbon to finish the game with a win.
There were some really great Bahston accents audible all around out in the bleachers. It was perfect.