Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at Penland

Easter Sunday is a pretty big deal here. About two hundred people from the community show up for lunch and a crazy easter egg hunt. All the studios contribute to make interesting eggs for people to find. They're on display before lunch and then hid by the core students while folks are chowing down.

After lunch everyone gathers, when the blowhorn sounds bedlam breaks out. People (kids, teenagers, and parents, lots of parents) bolt and run around the campus looking for all the eggs.

More bedlam.

This kid is sitting on top of the world. He found the biggest craziest easter egg; it's made of glass.
Then there was Bocce to be played on the llama hill

left to right: Marybeth, Marc, Aaron, Josh and Kirby
Josh and I dominated 11-3.


Gamera said...

Way to represent VT - Bocce-style. We're all extremely proud of you back here and can't wait for you to bring home to trophy.

knason said...

penland looks amazing! hopefully spring will really be here once you return. tyler's been prowling the few patches of ground that have appeared as the snow gradually retreats, and we're all as anxious as he is to get a look at the grassy backyard again.

q said...

wow, your easter looks super fun, that egg is enormous! good job on the bocce baby. we missed you in texas.

Carol said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Rob. what did the clay egg you made look like??