Sunday, March 8, 2009

mud season preview

Quinn and I went for walk down by the West River on Rice Farm Road on Sunday and came to this distinct reminder that spring is coming! Well, after mud season, but it's coming sure enough.
It was also around 50 degrees, sunny and perfect for a stroll. We meandered a little on the Black Mountain trail and struck our best "old mountain man" poses.

"His name was Jeremiah Johnson, and they say he wanted to be a mountain man.
The story goes that he was a man of proper wit and adventurous spirit, suited to the mountains. Nobody knows whereabouts he come from and don't seem to matter much.
He was a young man and ghosty stories about the tall hills didn't scare him none..."
Our walk took us past a formidable property with the requisite collection of camping vehicles, old school bus on blocks, cargo container turned house, half-burned old house, half-built old shed, pony, emus, carnival ride parts (maybe?), and a nice office desk chair in the middle of the yard. The"posted no tresspassing keep out" sign hangs above a "friends welcome" sign. Sorry for the poor photography, we tried to take the snap quick and subtle like to avoid raising any hackles.

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