Monday, April 28, 2008

one week to go?

Hey Y'all,
Again, I'm sorry not to be posting as often as blogging etiquette commands, but damn - pottery camp is making me crazy busy. This past weekend has been amazing though, we loaded a whole bunch of big pots into a big kiln and lit it on fire. It is still burning as I write this. I had a stoking shift last night from 10pm to 4am after which I had to do some more work in the studio so that I had some pots ready to load into a different wood kiln. I crashed around 6:30 am for about two hours just in time to be late for my dishes work-study shift at 8:30. As we're turning the corner into the home stretch of this two-month class, all of us are working flat out to finished projects and fire kilns and clean the studio. It's a bit hectic and disheveled, but so much fun.
Here's some other stuff that's happening:
-Yesterday I traded a mug for a sweet belt buckle made by a student in the iron forging class.
-Saturday night a bunch of us went drinking at the Moose Lodge Club, you know like an Elks club or a VFW. It was karaoke night. All the locals there, which is to say everyone except our group, could sing some serious Hank Williams, Jr. I was impressed. I walked away with a buzz and an application for membership.
-Before the Moose Lodge, our class had an art exhibition opening at a really nice gallery in Bakersville called The Crimson Laurel. It was a fancy event and a lot of fun. Our teachers gave a slide show/lecture on what our class was doing and why, etc. I'm going to try and get the slide show images up on here if possible. A huge thanks goes to the gallery owners, who agreed to put a bunch of student pots into their first rate ceramics gallery.

Well that's all for now, more pictures to come.

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Maria said...

hey Rob! thanks for making time to post!!! it's been so fun to peek at your blog. safe travels home... spring is finally here in vt.


ps if you see this in time, tell copus I said hi!