Monday, April 14, 2008

a new approach

Except for the first three weeks of the very first ceramics class I took, I've always been a wheel throwing potter, but this week I tried my hand at some slab work. My teachers, Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish, do lot's of slab work and this week demonstrated some of their techniques. Now, where I work (Laura Zindel Ceramics) I roll slabs for platters and dishes, but this week I learned a new way to make slabs by slicing up a big chunk of clay creating five or six slabs at a time.
This tall bottle is about ten or eleven inches tall and it's pretty wonky. The right angles from my sketch turned into odd angles in the actual piece, but overall I was pleased with this one.

Next, I tried a flat but round form seen here.

Once the piece was leather-hard I brushed on an iron-bearing slip that will fire dark under the lighter white slip then carved through it to make the design.


hilary said...


q said...

those pots ARE ballin', and super F-R-E-S-H! go baby go!

Sadie said...

thanks for posting the photos, Rob!
Glad to see you are getting to try some new techniques!
Your slab work reminds me of some fun slab work I've done, i'll see if I can email you photos or something.

when does your time there end?
Looks like great fun!

love Sadie

princess cortney said...

we need more updates. you are almost done. do you have a "final project" or somethin'? you've developed the fan base. we have needs, my firend, needs. gimme more, yeah!