Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Off the Mountain

This past weekend I finally left the pottery camp and back to the real world for 24 hours. It was awesome. I stayed with friends, Will and Katy, in West Asheville and on Sunday stopped by my pal Josh Lynch's diggs. He runs a carnivorous plant nursery and raises up some pretty rad plants. I took some photos, but they seem to be pretty washed out. Pictured are pitcher plants and their flowers as well as a sundew plant. Check out his website for more and accurate info.

Later on Sunday I stopped by the Matt Jones Pottery. Matt's studio and home is in the beautiful Sandy Mush Valley in Leicester, NC just west of Asheville. He was kind enough to show me around his studio, kiln, glass crusher, ball mill and goats on his one relaxed day of the week.

As I drove back to Penland in time for dinner, I felt rested and ready to get back to work. The next month is gonna be pretty full. Michael and Naomi are coming back to teach the class for the last month and our schedule is pretty full with demonstrations, glaze testing and making, and kiln loading and firing. David Stuempfle returned home this past weekend but will be back for the last week of the session. He'll be missed during his absence, but we're gonna be busy pottery bees these next few weeks.


hilary said...

Rob! I'm gonna leave a comment here, cuz no one else has. This is incredible... and the flowers are beautiful! Oh yeah, and the pots are ok too. Seriously, the work looks amazing. When you return I must help you stoke the beast!

Keep washin those dishes,

love, hil

q said...

these plants are awesome- i can't wait to check out joshes web site.