Saturday, November 6, 2010

late nights

This past week I put in some late nights decorating some pots that got fired today. These photos are from election night. Between checking in on radio's the election coverage I was blasting some of my favorite motivational albums to drive me along. What does that include? The playlist was something like early Rolling Stones to Jay-Z leading to the Led Zepp to Les Savy Fav to Hot Chip and ending with a bit of the Replacements. Loud music helps me forget that sleeping is really what I should be doing.

I started decorating the bottoms of my pieces with little doodles and patterns as off-the-top-of-my-head whimsicals, but after a couple of slow decorating sessions I started keeping a sketch book of some of the repeats to keep this moving along. Sometimes these sketches some up just as you see them here on paper other times they morph and become new doodles.

Any guesses as to what's under the slip?

It's a banjo!

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