Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snaps from the Wood Firing

Here are some of the best pots from the firing. These stoneware bottles with green runny glaze are made of the clay I mixed up from North Carolina and Vermont clay. I love the color of the clay and the stray quartz rocks that made it through the screening and show up as white chunks.
The following are some white slipped with some wax resist and stain designs.

This tall bottle is one of my favs from the the load. I didn't do it justice with this photo, but it stands tall and pround. When I'm throwing big sectional bottles I try for a higher "belly", maybe "chest" works better here. There will definitely be more of these in the future.
A canteen.

These porcelain and flashing slip tumbers are some more favorites. Quinn was helping me sort and price and chipped one of these so it's now the newest member of our cupboard.
A few faceted whiskey cups.
I made a bunch of these porcelain bowls with the inlay lines and was super excited to see that they came out nice and clean. I was a little worried that the fly ash would show in the glaze, but this clear glaze eats it right up.
My clear glaze doesn't usually craze like it did on a few bowls. They seemed to be in the hottest spots of the stack and probably recieved more ash than others.
A smaller bowl.
An out-of-focus sugar bowl and creamer set.
Underneath the lid
Under the creamer
One of my favorite line drawings to make, albeit time consuming.


Anonymous said...

lots of great work, second piece down is a beaut and as always, i really dig the porcelain. i can tell it was time-consuming to get that inlay pattern of arrows in opposite directions but i'm a sucker for that kind of thing. really nice.

kimberly said...

im lovin' the vases and cups.....so simple and elegant!!

Rob said...

Thanks Kimberly. I'm lovin' them too, but never seem to make as many as I'd like to.