Monday, October 19, 2009


As addictive as the making of pottery can be, sometimes it can get aggravating. Recently I've had some issues with cracking. It happens sometimes at the bottom of my porcelain bowls and is usually horizontal; it tends to aline with the direction of the throwing. It happens in the drying of the piece or in the bisque so it's not a glaze fit issue. I'm wondering if I throw them too thick and am not trimming of enough. I'm going to try throwing them off the hump and see if that changes anything.
And now a different kind of cracking that occurred in the wood-firing. Of the clay that I mixed up I made some bottles, vases, and low wide bowls. Six of the ten bowls did this:
This cracking I'm thinking is definitely a glaze fit issue. These bowls were glazed with a thick coat of temoku only on the inside. I probably won't be mixing this clay up again, so I know just to make vases out of the rest of it.

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