Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanks E'erbody

Thanks for all those who came out for gallery walk last Friday and stopped by our show. We had a lot of peeps stop by and we "put a hurtin" that block of Grafton 3 year. Thanks for all those who took some of my pieces home with you. Thanks to all the folks who I didn't know before but got to meet and talk about my pottery with.
It feels so great when someone else enjoys what you make enough to give you money for it. For me it's not so much the financial incentive to making a sale that I enjoy (although don't get me wrong, I like and need money to pay bills), it's the reward of hearing some say why they like a particular piece or even just one small part of a pot; the feedback is what I mean. It makes all the little decisions that all potters stress over in the studio that just as easily get ignored feel appreciated.
If you missed the opening, don't fret the show will be up through December 23rd.

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