Thursday, August 6, 2009

Quechee Aftermath

So the show in Quechee was pretty much a bust. I didn't make booth despite the beautiful Saturday weather. I found that the slow sales pushed me to interact more with the browsers who did happen to stop by and look at my work. It felt as though if I just told them a little bit about myself and the work they'd be more likely to buy something. In one or two cases this worked, but mostly people were not there to buy things. It was pretty discouraging. I came really close to packing up and leaving at the end of the day on Saturday after selling one lonely bowl the entire day. Sunday picked up a little, but it was still dead. I certainly won't be back next year, but I did learn a lot in the process.
At any rate I got some photos after we had set up on Friday. Above is the whole booth complete with "shabby-chic" dirt flooring. Below are some detail shots.

Here is my beautiful wife helping me out. Quinn is the retail manager in a very hip store in Brattleboro called Altiplano. I credit her for making my booth look so good.
These are newer porcelain blue-and-white pieces you've seen in previous posts.
Now that this show is done, I'm working in Malcolm Wright's studio to help fill his wood kiln for a September firing. I'll get some photos up shortly.

2 comments: said...

Sorry to hear about the slow show, especially with such a beautiful booth and such beautiful work! I did a holiday show a couple of years ago and had what I thought were some nice pieces that I worked really hard on. All I sold was some Christmas ornaments I threw in at the last minute. I made all of $40. I was so ready to give it all up. There is just no accounting for what people out there will buy. I love your booth fixtures and your bowls.

Rob said...

Thanks Tracey. Yeah, going from the studio setting where I get all jazzed up on my pots to the marketplace can be jarring. From all the work that I put into making the pots and then getting them to a show my perspective is perhaps a little biased.