Friday, November 14, 2008

fizzy cider

I'm enjoying a cup of one of my favorite late fall treats: fizzy cider. Here's how you make it:
Buy a gallon of cider sometime in October and drink about a quarter or third of it. Then put it in the back of your fridge and kinda forget about it. Then in mid to late November when the plastic jug looks inflated and about to blow the cap pour yourself a glass and notice the way it fizzes. It's that easy.

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Michael Kline said...

Hey Rob, My other friend "Rob" Logan of Cundy's Harbor Maine, used to say that "cider ain't no count til it's got the daggers" and I would have to agree. My Dad said he used to bury his jar of cider to get it just so. I'm not sure why he had to bury it, but I like the idea of a jar full of cider buried in the ground. Cheers.