Saturday, August 30, 2008

Don Meno

Sometimes just when you think you know all the potters who live around you one sneaks under your radar. This summer I met a potter whose been 'round these parts for a whole mess of years and somehow our circles didn't converge until just now. He's built a sweet little Olsen fast fire wood kiln near his studio in Brattleboro. This past weekend he invited me to take part in the loading and firing of it and here's some pictures of it.

These two pieces came out of the kiln a couple days ago. The vase on the left was a refired pot from Penland, it's got that Mitchfield clay which really did a lot with the modest two pounds of salt. The bottle on the right is a bit of some stencil work I've been playing around with of late.


Michael Kline said...

Great to hear from you Rob, that kiln looks well seasoned and the pots aren't bad either. Are you sure it's not a Nafta violation to fire a pot in two countries? Isn't VT part of Canada now? Catch me up.

Mothra said...

There are the usual tariffs and excise taxes; we're trying to follow Quebec's lead. Every couple years (usually during a republican administration) the Second Vermont Republic movement gains some momentum. It's cute.